Global Partnership to Rescue our Oceans

“Many people look at the ocean and they see water but it’s not just water. It’s a living system that shapes the character of the planet” – Sylvia Earle

A new global alliance aimed at rescuing our oceans from destruction was announced by World Bank president Robert Zoellick at the World Oceans Summit in Singapore last February. Beside saving our oceans, this partnership is intended to coordinate marine conservation efforts between countries, private companies and international organizations.

Ocean Reef Park Sunset - Singer Island

The Global Partnership for Oceans is a growing alliance of governments, international organizations, civil society groups, and private sector interests that will mobilize knowledge and financial resources to address threats to ocean health, resilience and productivity.

Oceans cover over two-thirds of the planet’s surface and represent a vital natural resource bank. Yet, they are facing serious threats – from overfishing to pollution that, if left unchecked, could threaten the stability of the ecosystem.

“The world’s oceans are in danger, and the enormity of the challenge is bigger than one country or organization. We need coordinated global action to restore our oceans to health. Together we’ll build on the excellent work already being done to address the threats to oceans, identify workable solutions, and scale them up,” Zoellick said in his keynote speech.

The success or failure of the partnership is likely to be determined by its ability to find funding. The partnership is committed to mobilizing at least $300m in catalytic finance and aims to use that to leverage another $1.2bn from businesses, NGOs and other institutions.

“The world needs a new philosophy. Not a philosophy of competition but a philosophy of cooperation. We survive or we perish together” Nana Nketsia, Regional Paramount Chief – Ghana

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