Shark Conservation: in a Complex World, only hard Facts truly serve the Cause

Via Scoop.itOcean News

Drawing conclusions regarding plight of sharks must be based on hard science and not drama. Sharks deserve no less.

Nature is a very complex, interwoven web of plant and animal species, ecological and environmental relationships, and an endless multitude of actions and reactions. To survive, it is constantly changing, adjusting to shifts in conditions – sometimes slowly and sometimes dramatically. Therefore, to predict the totality of change that occurs with the loss of a species is, to say the least, challenging. We like are answers neat and tidy. We are prone to look for silver bullet solutions, one size fits all remedies, and we have a tendency to view consequences in linear domino-like chains.

However, when you speak with ecological scientists, they think in terms of trophic cascade when considering man’s impact on the environment. Changes are not simple and the ultimate outcome – particularly when nature is constantly trying to adjust for the sake of survival – becomes extremely hard to predict. It can be done but it requires complex modeling and varying degrees of confidence, and is often couched in the realization that other mitigating factors can alter the outcome of a particular situation for better or worse. Read the full article … Via

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