Extraordinary Humpback Whale Rescue in the Sea of Cortez

Humpback whale rescue Sea of Cortez imageGetting tangled up in floating debris is a serious and growing problem for marine mammals. When Michael Fishbach, co-founder of The Great Whale Conservancy, was boating in the Sea of Cortez, he and his family came across a stranded humpback whale. The massive whale was dying, tangled in a mess of plastic fishing nets. Fishbach and his family spent over an hour freeing the giant cetacean, which then swam off.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the little girl on the boat who witnessed the rescue and the magnificent “Thank You Dance” performed by the very happy to be free humpback whale becomes a marine biologist or an ocean conservation activist when she gets older! What a beautiful experience!

Le jour de la St Valentin (2011) sur la mer de Cortez, Michael, accompagné de sa famille et d’amis était sur un petit bateau à observer des baleines quand ils ont vu une baleine à bosse prise au piège dans un filet de pêche. Ils pensaient qu’elle était morte  jusqu’à ce qu’ils l’entendent respirer. Ils ont décidé de l’aider armé d’un couteau en coupant le filet. Après plus d’une heure, la baleine était libre et leur a offert un joli spectacle.

English Video with French subtitlesExtraordinary Humpback Whale Rescue in the Sea of Cortez

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